Change Log

Table of Contents


FEAT Target Android 11

FEAT New “System” color scheme

IMPR WebDAV sync fixes and digest authentication support


FEAT Support .tn search operator

FEAT Preference to insert new note at the beginning of notebook

FEAT Preference to define root directory for file links

FEAT Gray out notes with ARCHIVE tag

IMPR Support + as a bullet for lists

IMPR Support “Keep screen on” option in note view

IMPR Allow picking directory for saved searches export

FIX Fix list continuing on some keyboards

FIX Handle escaped brackets in links

FIX Few fixes for timestamps without time part set (fix for and reminders)

FIX Ignore inactive scheduled and deadline times in agenda


FEAT Sticky agenda headers

FEAT Preference for time for daily reminders

FEAT Button to open tags dropdown menu

FEAT Preview title in note view

FEAT Switch for changing note's view/edit mode

IMPR Enter edit mode on title or content click in note view

IMPR Remove share activity from recent apps

IMPR Maximize height of clickable area for the folding button

IMPR Remember location in refile dialog

IMPR Swipe down to sync in search results

IMPR Enable reminders by default

FIX Fix broken notebook shortcuts

FIX Fix parsing of link with square brackets in its name

FIX Fix PROPERTY line parsing

FIX Use local-specific time format everywhere


FEAT Overdue section in agenda

FEAT UI for end-time and delay/warning period

FEAT Paste button in notebook for when it's empty

FEAT Start new plain list item on enter press while editing content

FIX Fix issue of hidden notes when o.e is used

FIX Fix issue when pasting a large number of notes

FIX Fix subtree unfolding (long-click)

IMPR Do not cancel sync on pull-to-sync

IMPR Add labels and make buttons obvious in timestamp dialog

IMPR Underline breadcrumb links

IMPR Do not fold other notes on refile's go-to action


FEAT Support adding trusted certificates for WebDAV repo

FIX Issue causing crash on start related to deleted repositories in the past

IMPR Display number of notes to be deleted in confirmation dialog


IMPR Enable auto-sync for WebDAV


FEAT WebDAV repository support

FEAT Swipe down to sync (notebooks and notebook views)

FEAT Sort by title (o.title)

FEAT Set Dropbox token by long-clicking the link button

FIX Scroll to top when editing title (to keep breadcrumbs visible)

FIX Display of remote notebook's modification time in notebook details

FIX Do not display confirmation dialog when new note is not modified

FIX Metadata visibility issue on initial note loading

FIX Display all note's events in agenda


FEAT Unfold entire subtree on folding button long-click

FEAT Preference for default note view mode (view, edit or last used)

FEAT Preference for displaying checkmarks in widgets

FEAT Fast scroller in notebook and search results

FEAT Share a link to locally stored image with Orgzly (not always available)

IMPR Prompt to save or discard changes on breadcrumbs follow

IMPR Honor current level when creating new checklist item on the next line


FIX Fix a possible crash when marking recurring note as done from note view


FEAT Clickable notebook and ancestors in note view

FEAT Preference for link and breadcrumbs target (notebook or note view)

FEAT Preference for initial folding state of notebooks

FEAT Preference for ongoing notification's priority

FIX Remove previous LAST_REPEAT when marking note as done from note view

FIX Check for existence of external cache directory (fixing possible crash)

FIX Fix dialog title of notebook chooser

IMPR Unfold note under which notes are moved

IMPR Remove number of lines limit for title in note view

IMPR Display the number of notes being refiled


FIX Fix an issue causing crash on some older Android versions


FIX Moving notes around causing invalid tree structure in some cases


FEAT Refile dialog for choosing the note to refile under

FEAT Widget for creating new note in specific notebook

FEAT Highlight note focused on from search results

FIX Displaying image when absolute path is used

IMPR Support properties with the same name (for appending to value)

IMPR Display event time in widgets

IMPR Sort auto-completed tags in note view

IMPR Allow linking to a file anywhere on the device

IMPR Display check mark for notes in widgets


FIX Searching by closed time

FIX Demoting multiple notes under folded one


FEAT Sort search results by event time (o.e)

FEAT Copy selected notes

FEAT Cut, Copy, Move and Refile multiple notes at once

FIX Shift recurring note's events on state change

FIX Fix search when multiple events per note are used

IMPR Display used event time in search results

IMPR Unfold note itself when focused on from search results


FEAT Events (plain timestamps) support (e search operator, agenda and reminders)

FEAT Swipe menus added back

FEAT Preference for click/long-click action added back

IMPR Smaller improvements

  • Start note view in edit mode
  • Use full-width edit button in note view
  • Support properties with an empty value


FEAT Support quick folding of note's metadata

FEAT Replace swipe menus with bottom action bar

FEAT Swipe left to open or focus on the note

IMPR Force upper case state keywords in Settings

IMPR Use larger font size for content in note view

IMPR Start using Android Architecture Components

FIX Issue when using week in search queries

FIX Potential issues after time zone change


FEAT Support multi-line search queries

FIX Recognition of images in base directory


FEAT Display linked images

FEAT Option to keep the screen turned on and bright

FEAT Support sharing to specific notebook directly

FIX Handle links to files outside storage directory

FIX Aligning tags when fullwidth characters are used


FEAT Follow links to files in storage directory

FEAT Follow links to other notebooks within the app

FIX Remove scheduled time after marking repeated deadline as done

FIX Unresponsive UI after returning from Settings

IMPR Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Set different icon for failed notebook sync
  • Update Settings title for every sub-screen
  • Use darker snackbar background color in dark scheme
  • Fix missing auto-sync check after new note from notification
  • Improve notes' icon sizes in list
  • Handle orphaned notes' structure changes
  • Set book's modification time to remote's after sync
  • Align checkmark in widget


FEAT Quick note from ongoing notification

FEAT Display only set or selected metadata in note view

FEAT Support checkboxes in notebook's preface

IMPR Allow installing app on the external storage

FIX Fix checkbox-on-enter to work with soft keyboard

FIX Don't parse checkboxes in title


FEAT Toggle checkboxes

FEAT Sort notes by position in notebook (o.pos)

FEAT Preference to display notebook name in widget

FEAT Preference to disable LAST_REPEAT property


FEAT Support larger font size for widget

IMPR Add buttons for setting deadline time

FIX Display inherited tags in widget

FIX Handle large values for tags indentation


FEAT Configure widgets' color scheme and transparency

FEAT Configure widgets' update frequency

FEAT New action for moving note to the end of selected notebook

IMPR Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Fix delay/warning (-1d) removal when time is changed in dialog
  • Support applying multiple text styles (bold, italic, etc.)
  • Fix query to prevent root node to appear when OR-ing notebooks


FEAT Fold drawers, unfold on click temporarily

FEAT Log time shifting to LOGBOOK drawer

FEAT Update LAST_REPEAT property after shifting time

FIX Keep habit deadline on time shift

FIX Handle content lines formatted as org headings

IMPR Various smaller improvements

  • Remove agenda days limit (was 30 days)
  • If note has no content, start in content-edit mode
  • Use dialog with single-choice list for setting notebook link
  • Add "Open" action to the ongoing notification
  • Ask for confirmation on notebook force saving and loading


FIX Bug fixes

Fixes possible crash when setting reminders on Oreo.


FEAT Search and order by created-at time (cr)

FEAT Option to hide metadata in note view

FEAT New quick-menu button for changing state

FEAT Ignore system locale and use US (new option)

FEAT Preset notebook on new note from widget

FIX Make file immediately visible when using MTP

IMPR Target Oreo

IMPR Use new app logo

IMPR Drawer, note view and bullets redesign

IMPR Several performance improvements

IMPR New and updated translations


FEAT Remove Agenda and support ad.days in any query

FEAT Support grouping using parentheses in queries

FEAT Support o.state

FEAT Support c.closed-time and o.closed

FEAT Support eq, ne, lt, le, gt and ge in s, d and c operators

FEAT Support using now and past times in queries (e.g.

FEAT Import and export saved searches

FEAT Add app shortcuts for syncing and creating new notes

FEAT Allow toggling DONE state with the check mark button from quick-menu

IMPR Use system's file browser for selecting directories

IMPR New translations from Orgzly's localization project


FEAT Follow internal links (using CUSTOM_ID and ID properties)

[[#Grocery list]] will open a note that has CUSTOM_ID property set to "Grocery list".

[[id:BDCE923B-C3CD-41ED-B58E-8BDF8BABA54F]] will open a note that has ID property set to "BDCE923B-C3CD-41ED-B58E-8BDF8BABA54F" (UUID).

FEAT Blink LED on reminder's notification

FEAT Support .p search operator

FEAT Support ps and .ps search operators

Searching for ps.b will return notes that have priority set to B, even if B is a default priority. p.b would return both notes with priority B set and notes without priority (default being B).

FEAT Preference to force UTF-8 when loading and saving notebooks

IMPR Fold/unfold notes and content by clicking on bullets

FIX Opening different note when clicking reminder's notification

IMPR Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Handle repeater with zero value
  • Display content in search results if note was folded
  • Fix few possible crashes
  • Remove dividers from drawer
  • Add icons for time and repeater to timestamp dialog
  • New Settings activity
  • Use switch instead of check-box in Settings


FEAT Agenda view

FEAT Auto-sync for local repositories (experimental)

FEAT Snooze for reminders

FEAT Support or in search queries

FEAT Support it (type of state) search operator

FEAT Preference for indenting tags (Org file format)

FIX Various bug fixes


IMPR Display notes with more specific times first when sorting

FIX Resetting notebook shortcut on some launchers

FIX State cycling with multiple done-type states defined

FIX Styling words at the end of the title


FEAT Support emphasis and monospace

FEAT Display notes count in the list of notebooks

FEAT Hide number of content lines (new option)

IMPR Display cut, paste and move buttons in action bar (moved from overflow)

IMPR Display notebook's last action error in subtitle

FIX Brief appearance of white window on app start when using dark color scheme


IMPR Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Fix sorting of times for reminders
  • Open app from widgets by restarting task
  • Use 1h from now as default time in timestamp dialog
  • Display Cut and Paste icons in action bar if there is enough space


FEAT Reminders

FEAT Widget for saved searches

FEAT Widget for notebooks

FEAT s.none and d.none search expressions

FEAT Separate header and content with an empty line (new option)

FEAT Sync after new note is created (new option)

FEAT Sync button in ongoing notification

FEAT Sync status notifications

FIX Using Dropbox URL with trailing slash

FIX Shift times of notes without state when marked done


FEAT Support for .t search operator

FEAT Display inherited tags in search results (new option)

FEAT Default notebook when sharing to Orgzly (new option)

FEAT Persian translation

FEAT Turkish translation

IMPR Few syncing speed optimizations

IMPR Support for using root folder as a Dropbox repo

IMPR Exported SyncService for starting it from outside the app

FIX Fix folded state cycling button sometimes not being displayed

FIX Fix searching for tags when inherited tags are used

FIX Fix corrupted properties in note on rotation


IMPR Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Do not follow link when empty space next to it is pressed
  • Use English locale when formatting times for Org file
  • Fix lingering action mode when leaving filters view
  • Format displayed time depending on local settings
  • Remove (un)fold-all menu item if notebook is empty
  • Add some color and content text in ongoing notification
  • Hide preface by default
  • Sync status on Sync long-click (to be able to see long errors)
  • Improve sync state restoring after returning to the app


FEAT Black color scheme

FEAT Hide preface (new option)

FEAT Support links for tel, sms, geo and more

IMPR Always display link's description instead of link

IMPR Ask for confirmation to delete notes everywhere

IMPR Keep list of repos sorted


FEAT Ongoing notification for creating note (new option)

FEAT Layout direction (new option)

FEAT Allow browsing secondary storage

IMPR Do not display empty preface in the notebook

IMPR Warn about modified note even on X press

IMPR Minor design improvements


FEAT Clickable external links in notes' list (both title and content)

FEAT Additional font size (slightly larger then default)

FEAT Configurable location of notebook name in search results

  • Hide
  • Before note
  • Under note (default)

IMPR Few smaller notes' list design changes

  • Use + and - as note bullet if it has children
  • Do not bold folding buttons


FIX Fix possible crash when duplicate states are added to settings

FIX Hide FAB when items are selected

IMPR New dialog for configuring states in Settings

IMPR Minor design improvements in note view

  • Larger font size when editing content
  • Toggle button instead of switch for content editing
  • Do not underline tags icon

IMPR Make folding button bold if there are hidden notes


FEAT Delete note from note editor

IMPR All Toasts replaced with Snackbars

IMPR Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Focus new property name
  • Allow properties with no value
  • Click dialog's positive button on keyboard action button press
  • Debugging code removed from Directory repo (fix for slow sync)
  • Fixed crash when pressing the back button in non-existent note
  • Target Android 7.1


FEAT Search operators for sorting (o and .o)

FEAT Save note on keyboard's action button press

This allows much quicker note creation, as you don't need to move your finger all the way to the top to save the note.

FEAT Separate notes with new-line or not (new option)

New setting with 3 possible values:

  • Always
  • Multi-line notes only
  • Never

IMPR Dismiss Snackbar on any touch

IMPR Close drawer when Snackbar is displayed

After starting sync from the drawer, "No repos configured" Snackbar was being displayed below drawer.

FIX Remove support for parsing CLOCK for now

FIX Fix b search operator parsing (dot as a notebook name)

FIX Hide cycle-visibility menu item if notebook doesn't exist


FEAT Show Snackbar after creating note and action to create another

IMPR Open note by clicking it from search results

IMPR Allow note content text to be selected, even if not in Edit mode

IMPR Enter Edit mode for new notes and when clicking note content

IMPR Open keyboard when switching to Edit mode

IMPR Check for storage permission before creating directory repo

FIX Encode Dropbox and directory repo URLs

FIX Fix possible crash when canceling sync

FIX Fix possible duplicates when searching using t operator

FIX Stop displaying only one title line


FEAT Support links (http and mailto) in note view

http, https and mailto are currently supported. Both standalone and within square brackets (both with and without the name). In other words:

should all work and be displayed as expected.

You can switch between editing and viewing note's content now.

FEAT Tags inheritance (t operator)

t.tag now searches for inherited tags as well.

FEAT Search by note's tag only (new tn operator)

FEAT Floating action button

Added for new notebooks, notes and saved searches.


FIX Encode links of notebooks synced by older versions


FEAT Support renaming notebooks


FEAT Chinese translation

FIX Use first configured state keyword when marking note as done

FIX Notebooks encoding fix when using directory repo type


FEAT Sort notebooks by name (new option)

FEAT Support .b.notebook search expression

FEAT Prompt to save or discard changes on back press

FEAT Show snackbar on sync errors

IMPR Skip files starting with .# when syncing

IMPR Display new repo buttons instead of empty repository list

IMPR Display titles of notebooks in a list when sharing to Orgzly

IMPR Use Dropbox API v2


FEAT Add “Fold content” option

FEAT Add “Display content in search” option

IMPR Rearrange Settings

FEAT Update “What's New” dialog's button when DB upgrade is in progress

This is instead of displaying the toast when DB upgrade might take a long time.

IMPR Use large bullet for folded notes with children

FIX Fix table for those that had 1.4-beta.1 installed

FIX Fix bullets text style

FIX Fix inserting timestamps to DB

Inserting times to DB was broken in some cases (due to this issue).

FEAT Folding notes

FEAT List density: Comfortable, Cozy, Compact


FEAT Support d (deadline) search operator

Similar to s (scheduled).

FEAT Preference for selecting displayed notebook details

Added to avoid messy notebooks list. Default contains only few lines now.

FIX Allow years with more then 4 digits

IMPR Add confirmation of Dropbox unlinking

IMPR Trim notebook name

IMPR Hide import notebooks icon

IMPR Lighter notebook sync error messages

With dark theme sync error messages were difficult to read.

IMPR Use compact notes list by default


FEAT Support using Orgzly for “Note to self” voice action

FIX Fixed quick-menu opening (issue on some devices)

FIX Shift time at least once for ++ repeater

FIX Scroll to last note when opening quick-menu

IMPR “What's New” layout cleanup


FIX Handle storage permission on Marshmallow

From v1.3.2 Orgzly doesn't require any permissions to be installed on Marshmallow. But if you want to export a notebook or use a Local Directory repository type, you will be now asked to grant Storage permission from within the app.

FIX Fixed title's auto-correction

IMPR Smaller improvements

  • Renames in various places:
    • Book – Notebook (in sync status messages)
    • Use – Select (in file browser)
    • Minimum – Lowest (priority in settings)
    • Device Storage – Local Directory (repo type)
  • TextInputLayout usage in repo views (a.k.a. pretty hints)


FEAT Support for right-to-left layouts

IMPR Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Issue with moving notes after using cut & paste
  • Lingering CAB when creating note from quick-menu
  • New-line replacing for title in note view
  • State color changes – lighter for dark theme, darker for light


FEAT Add dark color scheme

IMPR Support .i operator


FEAT Allow changing repeaters (for recurring tasks)

FEAT Allow modifying saved searches

You can now create, edit, delete and re-position saved searches.

FEAT Add Done button to note's quick-menu

FEAT Add Settings button to the drawer

IMPR Use larger font for note body and notebook description


FEAT Large font size setting

FEAT Search operator p.priority added

Search by priority. See

FEAT Search operator improved

Search by scheduled time – s.2d will find those scheduled for the day after tomorrow or earlier. See

FIX Tags parsing

Previously, only 0-9a-zA-Z_@ were allowed when parsing tags.

You should be able to use any character (except space and colon) now.

FEAT Delete-note added to quick-menu

IMPR Various smaller improvements

  • Move, Cut and Paste actions moved to overflow menu
  • Icons for today, tomorrow and next-week changed
  • Added warning about missing support for alarms
  • Slightly darker todo keywords
  • Removed horizontal line above quick-menu
  • Do not allow empty note title when saving
  • "Notebook's description" instead of "Add text to notebook"


FIX Fix potential crash due to back button not closing Search/CAB


FEAT Implement quick-menu (opened on note swipe)

  • Swipe note right to open the menu for changing state and scheduling
  • Swipe note left to open the menu for creating new notes

FEAT Current location in app marked in drawer

Known searches are marked too, even if you enter them manually.

IMPR Use web page title when sharing to Orgzly

Web page's title ends up as note's title and URL is appended to note's body.

FIX States' letters-only requirement removed

Previously, you could have only used capital letters for state keywords.

IMPR Various smaller improvements

  • Open keyboard automatically when creating new repo
  • Description change when creating new repo
  • Do not automatically open keyboard when sharing to Orgzly
  • Last synced revision on its own line in notebook card
  • Few design tweaks
    • Slightly stronger color used for selected notes
    • Blood red for notebook sync error
    • Lighter title and notebook-modified icon in notebook card
    • Thicker horizontal line above menu buttons
    • Next and previous state icons
    • New note above/under/below icons


FEAT Flag unsynced notebooks

If notebook has been modified after the last sync, a small sync icon is displayed (both in Notebooks and drawer).

FEAT Create directories from file browser

It is now possible to create new directories from "Device Storage" sync method's browser.

FEAT Set creation time for notes (new option)

CREATED property is used. Name can be changed.

FEAT Add check-box for deleting remote notebook

IMPR Drawer improvements

  • Searches are now under "Searches"
  • Searches now scroll with notebooks

IMPR Bug fixes and smaller improvements

  • Fix bug when opening a different notebook while the list of notes is scrolling
  • Capitalize sentences in note's body and notebook's "preface"
  • Small design improvement for notebook selector when sharing to Orgzly


FEAT Sync with directories on your device

  • Implement browser
  • Move Dropbox button from the main view of repositories

FEAT Add options for having a more compact note list

  • Compact list (use minimum height or not)
  • Planning timestamps (display or not)

IMPR Minor improvements

  • Notebook's encodings are now one per row (used/detected)
  • Settings status/action bar color change


FIX Import chosen notebooks when using some apps

Fixes an issue when trying to import a notebook from Google Drive for example.

Since file name is not available in all cases, a dialog with a notebook name is now displayed after choosing a file.

FEAT Target API 22 (Android 5.1)

FIX Fix timestamp parsing in some locales

FEAT Use .org.txt files too when syncing

FEAT Display complete notes in notebooks and search results (new option)

FEAT Monospaced font for note body and notebook preface (new option)

FEAT Add Getting Started with Orgzly notebook

FEAT Restart Intros will immediately perform intros on click

Summary updated to explain everything that happens.

FIX Set Link now displays a currently set link

IMPR Various smaller improvements

  • Remove horizontal dividers between notes
  • Use stronger bullet (to compensate for the above)
  • Display bullet in search results too
  • Notebook name in search results is now multi-line (not cut off)
  • Notebook's name now displayed as a sub-title in some fragments
  • Stop showing URLs to linked notebooks (repos are enough)
  • Deleting repo will remove any notebooks' links that used it
  • Dropbox button look changed a bit

FEAT Create new notes above, under or below selected

FEAT Keep indentation in notebooks

Indentation is now detected while parsing and used when exporting the same notebook.

IMPR Change character encoding detection

Old method was failing to detect character encoding for some files. UTF-8 is used by default, resulting in mojibake (noticed first for worg/

FEAT Display character encoding for each notebook

Both used and detected (if it exists) encodings are displayed.

FIX Insert previously deleted repo URL

FEAT Display repo and notebook URLs for each notebook

Separate icons are now used for links and synced-to notebooks.

FEAT Display notebook's file name below title

If #+TITLE is not set, only file name is displayed.

IMPR Few design changes

  • Notes
    • Bullet before title
    • Lighter state
    • More vertical spacing for times
  • Note
    • Icons for save and cancel simplified (check mark and x mark now)
    • Timestamp buttons changed a bit
  • Color of action and status bar for Settings changed

FEAT Allow sharing data to Orgzly from other apps

FEAT Support for #+TITLE in preface

FEAT Select default state for new notes

FIX Mark notes with repeaters as done

+, .+ and ++ types are all supported.

IMPR Change sort order for saved searches

  • For "To Do" it's: notebook, priority, position
  • for "Scheduled" it's: notebook, priority, scheduled time, position

IMPR Smaller fixes and improvements

  • Dropbox button buttonified
  • Repository create/edit dialog simplified
  • "What's new" instead of "Version" in Settings (being clickable)
  • Time in timestamp dialog kept when toggling it
  • Time and date in timestamp dialog format change (depends on locale)
  • Notebook's sync status removed (NO_CHANGE & friends).

FIX Database-related fix for older devices

Old sqlite version and unimplemented feature used.

IMPR Display repeater and delay in time stamps

IMPR Remove repeater from timestamp dialog

IMPR Remove unused libraries

IMPR Remove notebook renaming option